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Creating A Modern Home Theater For Your Family

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Adding a home theater to your house can be a great option for keeping your family entertained. There are a few things you'll want to consider to make your home theater a modern, convenient space. Here are some options to think about for your new home theater.

Home Theater Control Panel

If you plan on connecting your home theater to a home automation setup, adding a control panel in the room is key. You can do this by installing a mounting system for a tablet computer. By connecting the tablet to your smart home system and mounting it to the wall, you can control lighting, streaming services, thermostat, and a host of other functions in your home. Talk to your contractor about adding smart home automation to the theater and the rest of your home. You can set timers and lighting programs that are specific to your home theater, and you can even connect your home entertainment system so that movies and music play with just the sound of your voice.

Bar Seating Area

Although it might not seem like the obvious choice, adding a bar to your home theater can solve several problems. Adding the bar and a set of stools along the back row of home theater seats can disguise the seat backs for a more finished look. The bar area also makes it easy to enjoy meals while watching sporting events or concerts in your home theater. A curved bar can be an ideal choice, as the shape naturally positions people seated at it to have great views of the screen. Be sure to install the bar on a raised platform so that the view of the screen is unobstructed by the other seats and furniture in the room.

Lighting And Projection Installation

Installing the projector in the ceiling provides a more professional theater viewing experience, so be sure to discuss this option with your contractor. Adding ceiling lighting gives your home theater a brilliant finishing touch. Choose recessed lighting and situate the lights throughout the ceiling. Add extra lights around the perimeter of the room to provide added visibility for exit paths out of the room. For a more decorative touch, consider wall sconces to finish the look of the room. Sconces with two-directional lighting can illuminate the room perfectly for daytime use. These sconces should be placed closer to the ceiling to create the right lighting scheme for a theater.

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