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3 Types Of A/V Equipment Needed At Tradeshows

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Tradeshows create the opportunity for a business to gain exposure within the consumer market. A tradeshow booth can reach a mass audience, making it possible for a company to interact with thousands of consumers in a short period of time.

Audio and visual equipment play an important role in the success of a tradeshow booth. It's important that you work closely with an A/V company to identify the equipment you will need to transform your tradeshow booth design into a functional reality.

1. Quality Displays

Video content is a central figure in most tradeshow booths. Displaying a video that educates consumers on your products or services allows you to interact with customers in a unique way. In order for your video to be effective, it must be shown on a quality display.

An A/V company can help you identify the right display for your booth. Some companies will benefit from the use of 4k televisions, while others might have better luck with high-def projectors and screens. Be sure that you have access to quality displays when setting up your tradeshow booth.

2. Microphones

Tradeshows typically occur in large exhibit halls that can house hundreds of booths. The environment within the exhibit hall can be loud, making it difficult for consumers to hear your message when visiting your booth.

A good way to address this problem is with the use of wireless microphones. An A/V company can help you identify the right wireless microphone and digital sound system for your booth. These systems will allow you to amplify the voices of workers within the booth so they can reach a wide audience without creating so much sound that you interfere with other booths at the tradeshow.

3. Touchscreen Displays

Another type of audio/visual equipment that you will want to incorporate into the design of your tradeshow booth is a touchscreen display. It's impossible for the employees manning a tradeshow booth to interact with every consumer who enters the booth. A touchscreen display provides consumers with the opportunity to learn more about your products and services by interacting with a high-definition display.

These displays capture an audience that might otherwise be lost, helping you increase the efficiency of your tradeshow booth. An A/V company can help you select touchscreen displays that will meet your content and space requirements as you design your next tradeshow booth.

Be sure that your tradeshow booth is equipped with the A/V devices needed to maximize your success. Reach out to an A/V company for their services.