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3 Reasons You Can't "Wing It" For Large Event Audio

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Are you planning a large event? Whether you're gearing up to create a large indoor conference or an outdoor festival, there's a good chance that you've got audio on your mind. Events often live and die by audio/visual design, even when entertainment isn't the focus. Making sure your guests clearly understand speakers, performers, and announcers is crucial to creating the best possible experience.

Unfortunately, many event planners may try to save money by "winging" their audio design and handling this job themselves or passing it off to an unfortunate subordinate. In practice, this process never works out well, and large events demand experienced and skilled sound engineers. If you're still not convinced, check out these three reasons that every event can benefit from an audio professional.

1. Acoustic Analysis

Should you go big or go home when it comes to audio equipment? The answer is more complicated than you probably expect. Throwing more power at an audio problem is rarely the correct solution, even when dealing with large spaces or noisy outdoor venues. Instead, it's necessary to consider the particular acoustic properties of a space and your audio goals.

A sound engineer won't just pick an off-the-shelf solution for your audio equipment. Professionals always begin by analyzing the acoustics of a space, determining likely problem areas, and considering the needs and expectations of the audience. This in-depth analysis allows them to select equipment perfectly suited to your event's unique needs.

2. Better Budget Control

Hiring a sound engineer for your event can often be an excellent way to save money. If you aren't familiar with audio design, it's easy to purchase or rent more equipment than you need. Even worse, you might select equipment that's a poor fit for the job, forcing you to spend more money swapping out your gear at the last second. 

A professional sound engineer will work with you to meet your needs and your budget. This process means you'll have a good idea of your costs upfront, allowing you to adjust your audio design as needed to fit within your budget.

3. Fewer Mishaps

If you need someone to run audio during your event, there's no substitute for having a professional on staff. Not only will an expert help to ensure that your audio sounds exactly how you want it to, but they can also help you manage any emergencies or problems that arise. Even the best-planned event can suffer unexpected equipment failures, so it's crucial to have someone knowledgeable on hand.

Remember that the guests at any large event will expect high-quality audio without any unpleasant hiccups. Working with a sound engineer from planning to execution will help ensure your event meets and exceeds your guests' expectations.